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I took Social Media and PR, a class that focuses on how social media can be utilized in public relations. One main topic we've discussed in the class is analytics, and we've learned how to track social media posts using analytics tools. During the semester we were required to tweet on assigned topics and respond to classmates, and we tracked our tweets using Twitter Analytics.

Twitter Analytics is a very useful tool for any individual or business who wants to gain more insight into their Twitter account, including their tweets and their followers. There is so much information you can discover through Twitter Analytics, including your engagement rate and demographic information for your followers.

To use Twitter Analytics you will first need to go to Once you are there you will see a summary and highlights of your account. On the top menu bar click "Tweets" to go to your Tweet Activity. Change the date range to whatever time period you want to view in the top right corner and click "Update." If you scroll down you can see the impression, engagements and engagement rate for each tweet. The impressions is how many people saw your tweet, the engagements is how many people interacted with your tweet and the engagement rate is the number of engagements divided by the total number of impressions.

If you're looking to gain more specific insight, you can click "Export Data" in the top right corner. This will download an Excel file with all of your Tweet Activity. Highlight the entire spreadsheet by clicking the arrow in the top left corner of the spreadsheet. Next, click "Data" on the Excel menu and click "Filter." Now you can sort your tweets by any of the given categories. Click the dropdown arrow next to whichever category your want to sort by and click "Descending" to see the tweets from highest to lowest in that category. You can use this spreadsheet to tailor the data to your specific needs and uses.

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