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During the fall of 2017, I took PR Research, a class designed to teach us about different tactics for conducting research in the field of public relations. Our main project in this class was to conduct research for a real client in the Auburn/Opelika community.

My group was so lucky to work with O Town Ice Cream, a local ice cream shop located in downtown Opelika. O Town is owned by a couple, Christopher and Angela George, who we worked closely with during the semester. We found out their goals, to gain more Auburn students as customers and to promote their lunch counter, The Lunch Stop.

We created a survey for Auburn University students that included general questions about their ice cream preferences, their knowledge of O Town and questions about what they would like to see from O Town. My group members and I sent the survey out through our social media accounts in order to get student responses. After receiving over 100 responses, we analyzed our data within Qualtrics.

After analyzing our data using Qualtrics we were able to present our client with useful information to help O Town improve in its problem areas. We also gave O Town our own recommendations based on what we found and what we thought would be helpful to make O Town a more successful business.

To see our whole research project, click on the link below.

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