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This magazine was designed and put together by me. It includes stories from, a blog with stories written by different members of the Auburn Family, including students, alumni, and faculty. All of the pieces on the blog related back to Auburn.

When picking a theme for my magazine, I chose to pick all stories written about strong Auburn women. This collection tells the stories of the amazing things women are doing on Auburn's campus, and I hope it inspires and empowers other Auburn women. This is where I came up with the name "Empowering."

I created the magazine using inDesign. I was already familiar with inDesign because I have used it to make materials for Auburn Panhellenic in the past, but this project helped me gain more experience and knowledge with the program.

I wanted to keep the design of my magazine simple, but I still wanted it to relate back to my website. For this reason, I chose to incorporate the same shade of orange from my website into the magazine. It can be seen in the title, the headings, and the colored boxes throughout the magazine.

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