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Name Plate

When designing my logo I wanted something that was very simple and clean. For this reason I decided to make my logo just my first and last initials with a circular border around them. I used both Canva and Photoshop to create my logo.

First, I used Canva to create the design of my logo. I started with my initials, separated by a slash, and I used a font very similar to the one used on my website. I then added a border made with double circles.

I used Photoshop to pick the color for my logo. I wanted it to tie into my website, so I used the Eyedropper tool to pick out a color from the background of the photo on my About Me page. I used that color code for my logo on Canva. This is also the color I used for all of the icons and buttons on my site. After I had finished my logo on Canva, I opened it in Photoshop and used the Magic Wand Tool to make the background transparent.

I also decided to make a nameplate to use in the menu bar of my website. This nameplate is similar to my logo, but it also includes my name to the right to make it more rectangular. I made my first name bolder than my last name to match the style of my name on my home page.

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