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The focus of my Campaigns course was to give us actual experience creating a full campaign for a real client. We spent all semester working on developing an example campaign for our client to implement.

My group worked with The Bottling Plant Event Center, a unique venue in Downtown Opelika, owned by Lisa Ditchcoff. We worked with Lisa to find out what problems The Bottling Plant was having and how we could solve these issues. We discovered that the main problems Lisa wanted to focus on were the lack of awareness for The Bottling Plant and promoting The Bottling Plant's new outdoor pavilion space.

We first created a survey for residents of the Auburn/Opelika area to take in order to gauge how many people are aware of The Bottling Plant. We sent this survey out to Auburn University students through group members' social media accounts and sent it to permanent residents through our professor and work contacts.

After researching, we began to design a campaign proposal for The Bottling Plant. One of our main focuses was to grow The Bottling Plant's social media presence in order to raise awareness for the venue. We created many example social media posts and graphics to give Lisa an idea of what she should be posting. We also planned an event for her to put on to promote The Bottling Plant and its new space.

To see our whole campaign proposal, click on the link below.

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