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I am so lucky to call a place as beautiful as the Emerald Coast home, so I thought I would share some of this area's amazing features through my brochure. I created a brochure designed to attract visitors to the Emerald Coast, and I added many of the highlights of the area. I included some of my favorite local restaurants, as well as the best beaches, activities and shopping.

I used Canva to create this brochure. I wanted to use a theme that was simple but still had a beach-like feel to it. I felt that the light blue and tan colors I used represented the beach well, like the water and sand. I added a photo of the beach in Destin and a photo of Destin at night to show how beautiful the area really is. I chose to make my brochure from the perspective of the Emerald Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau because this is a great resource for visitors, and it's an organization that needs good promotional tools.

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